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Geo-specific rankings

Explore your SERP rankings across country, state or even city in real-time.

In-depth SERP overview

Explore SERP metrics of your competitors, and fine tune your SEO strategy.

Custom ranking reports

Export 100% customizable, white-label, and designed to look fab across devices.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Enter your seed keyword and get thousands of keyword ideas revelant for your business.

Why you should try Rank Tracker

Visualize your SEO Progress

Track how your website is performing for various keywords on Search Engines by means of interactive graphs and charts.

  • Search Visibility
  • Top SERPs
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Search Visibility

In-depth SERP features tracking

Google now has more than 30 active SERP features, Rankz enables you to track your SERP rankings against 30 various SERP features.

  • Featured Snippet
  • Site Links
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Top Stories

Compare yourself against your competitors

Understand how your competitors are performing in the Search as compared to your digital properties and position your SEO strategy accordingly.

  • Search Visibility
  • Top SERPs
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Search Visibility

Advanced metrics on domain and URL level

Get key-metrics on domain and URL level for each of your tracked keyword and fine tune your on-site/technical SEO structure.

  • Ranking Progress
  • Word Count of any Page
  • Keyword CPC
  • Page Response Time

Get scheduled email reports

Running an agency, get whitelabel and excel exportable reports in one click or scheduled reports on weekly/monthly basis.

  • Search Visibility
  • Top SERPs
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Search Visibility

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